On the Rocks

On the Rocks

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Welcome to "On The Rocks" cocktail lounge
Only the best mixologist can expertly prepare the cocktails the patrons are craving.

Select drink orders, roll the dice and draft marbles from the shaker bag. Place the marbles in the mixing area jiggers one at a time, before placing ingredients on player boards to match recipe cards.

Tip cards are awarded to every drink completed during the game.

The first player to complete three orders will call "Last Call", triggering the endgame, with all players having one remaining chance to complete their final orders. Players add up their final score based off the drinks completed and tips earned, with an additional tip for completing all orders. Tip cards can be used in final scoring or spent for their ability to provide additional ingredients or affect other players.
On the Rocks ryhmässä SEURAPELIT / Strategiapelit @ Spelexperten (25CGG14)
On the Rocks
On the Rocks
Pelisääntöjen kieli: Englanti
Ikä (alkaen): 14 vuotta
Pelaajien lukumäärä: 1-4
Peliaika: 45-90 min
Tuotenro: 25CGG14

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On the Rocks
Welcome to "On The Rocks" cocktail lounge