Angel Sports 6-pack pallot valkoinen
Edullinen pingispongipakkaus.
Stiga Master 40+ 6-pack ball White
Good quality for the hobby player
Stiga Perform 40+ 3-pack Balls White
ITTF approved competition ball
Stiga Seasons Outdoor 6-pack ball White
Table tennis ball for outdoor use
Angel Sports 12-pack 3 Star pallot oranssi
Stiga Edge Bat Wallet Single
Protect your bat in style
Stiga Evolve 1-star
A great choice for the beginner or younger players
Pingis Avocado
Pöytätennis - You Guac Served
Stiga React 2-star
Table tennis bat for the allround player
Stiga Classic Bat Wallet Double
Protect your bats in style
Stiga Activity Set 1-star
A handy set with bat cover and balls
Stiga Super Mini Table Pure Pink
A lovely little mini table that can entertain the whole family
Stiga Trinity 3-star
The ideal choice for the power player
Stiga Royal WRB 3-star
Offensive  bat with high comfort and playability
Stiga Future Carbon 3-star
Offensive  bat with with carbon fibre blade
Stiga Training 40+ 100-pack ball White
The ideal training ball
Stiga Royal Crystal 4-star
High quality bat from Stiga