SEURAPELIT / Backgammon


Backgammon Doubling Die 16 mm 1-pack
Backgammon Pieces Set
Complete set of playing pieces for backgammon
Backgammon - Classic Collection
Backgammon board and pieces of wood.
Backgammon - Wooden Classic
Portable Backgammon set where the playing field acts as a storage box.
Backgammon Kos Medium
Mediumsized Backgammon set. Luxiourus design with inlays of maple and poplar.
Backgammon Medium Beige
Edullinen backgammon mustassa nahkalaukussa.
Backgammon Medium Red
Backgammon set in faux leather case
Backgammon Grey Medium
Elegant backgammon case set in a handy format
Backgammon Kreta Medium
Beautiful wooden backgammon set
Backgammon Astypalia Medium
An elegant wooden backgammon set
Backgammon Milos Medium
Stylish wooden backgammon set
Backgammon Green Large
Elegant backgammon set in a briefcase