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Pedagogiset pelit

Rorys Story Cubes
Can you weave together all nine images into one story?
Rush Hour (FI)
The game of traffic jams.
Safari School
Vuoden lasten peli 2010
Speed Tangram
A charming, quick and versatile Tangram game
Rush hour Junior (FI)
Traffic Jam Logic Game
Hit The Hat
Vuoden lasten peli 2011
Käännä laatta ja yritä löytää sitä vastaava kuva lotto-lau...
Large Domino Rallye
Today is domino day!
Gravity Maze
Get the ball to reach its goal in this challenge in space spatial thinking
Penguins on Ice (FI)
Ainutlaatuinen logiikkapeli, joka kehittää avaruudellista hahmotuskykyä, ongelmanra...
Hedelmät & numerot Lotto
Nosta laatta ja yritä löytää sitä vastaava kuva lotto-laudastasi.
Sleeping Beauty (FI)
Olipa kerran…
Opi englantia - Korttipeli
Practice English with this deck of cards!
Kertolasku - Korttipeli
Practice Multiplication with this deck of cards!
Tangram Samena
Tangram puzzle for mental training
Colourful Tangram puzzle
Maxi Tangram
Colourful and large format Tangram puzzle
Code Master
The Ultimate Coding Board Game
Colour Match Jigsaw Puzzle
A collection of bright colour puzzles.
Tic Tac Toe Wood
Tic Tac Toe
Wood Puzzle Partitions - Engelhart Education
Sudoku Coloured
A first class crafted birchwood board divided in 9 fields
Counting Sticks
Learning can be fun!
Colourful Multiplication Table
Cheerful counting fun!
Laser Maze
Beam-Bending Logic Game
Rorys Story Cubes - Batman
In the shadows of Gotham City?
Fractions Expert
This superb puzzle helps children to understand fractions.
Speed Tangram Heart
A charming, quick and versatile Tangram game