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Tales From the Loop

Tales from the Loop started as a fantastically beautiful art book by Simon Stålenhag, where robots and dinosaurs meet the 1980s, which Free League Publishing has developed into the role-playing game Tales from the Loop.

Step back to an 80's that could have been and take on the roles of school kids who have to solve the fantastic mysteries that the adults can't see. The adventures in Tales from the Loop takes you right into stories like "The Goonies", "E.T." or "Stranger Things".

Or mayber you are a 90s kid? The sequel Things From the Flood moves the plot to a darker and scarier 90s, where the danger has become deadly.

Both Tales from the Loop and Things From the Flood use the Free League's Year Zero Rules Engine, known for its simplicity and flexibility with a clear focus on storytelling.

Tales from the Loop has also become a TV series on Amazon Prime.
Tales From The Loop RPG - Gamemaster Screen
Game master screen for the Tales From The Loop RPG.
Tales from the Loop RPG: Starter Set
Step into the amazing world of the Loop.
Tales From The Loop RPG - Out Of Time
There are rumors of a mechanical thing that roams the fields outside the small communities of the ...
Things From The Flood RPG
Roleplaying in an alternative 90s.
Tales From The Loop RPG - Dice Set
Dice set for Tales From the Loop.
Tales From The Loop RPG
Role-playing in the 80s as that could have been.