ULKOPELIT / Koripallo


Spalding Macromini sz 1,5
Miniball for all ages
Spalding excluding nets for basketball hoops
Spalding TF 50 Outdoor sz 5
Outdoor ball for younger players
Spalding Jr NBA Rookie Gear Color sz 5
Beginner ball for younger
NBA Dual Action Pump
Tired of bad pumps thats acting up?
Spalding NBA Silver Sz 7
Basketball for outdoor use.
Spalding NBA Highlight sz 7
Nice three-colored ball from Spalding
Spalding NBA Phantom SGT sz 7
SGT-technology from Spalding
Spalding Back Atcha Ball Return Training Aid
Perfect your shooting skills with the Spalding Back Atcha Ball Return Training Aid.
Spalding TF-250 Sz 7
Nice Indoor / Outdoor Ball!
Spalding TF-250 Orange White sz 6
Cool ball from Spalding
Spalding NBA Neverflat Outdoor Sz 7
The basketball that does not lose air!
Spalding TF33 Competition sz 6
Match approved 3x3 ball
Basketball basket with net
Basketball basket and net from Spalding.
Spalding Slam Jam (Mini)
Minireplica of a basketball hoop.
Spalding NBA Gold Sz 7
Really awesome basketball from Spalding!
NBA Extension Bracket
Stand for basketball board / backboard.
Sunsport Basketball Backboard
Basketball from Sunsport
Spalding Slam Jam Breakaway Rim
Work on your range and gravity defying slam dunks with the Spalding Slam Jam Rim.
NBA Basketball & Board
Complete with basket, painting and net
Spalding NBA Official Game Ball sz 7
The official NBA ball