LELUT / Ulkoleikit


Colorful jumping rope in high quality for training and play
Catchball Set
Yhtä hauskaa puutarhassa kuin rannalla!
Waboba Fly Pies 1 pack
It's okay to toss a pizza, as long as it's a Fly Pie you throw!
Waboba Airlyft 1 pack
Ready to lift and whiz away!
Waboba Heads Super Flying Head 1 pack
A soft and flexible frisbee!
Waboba Heads Super Gliding Head 1 pack
My head floats when it fills up with air!
Frisbee Coaster 25 cm Wham-O
Long throws and less wind sensitive
Frisbee Malibu 110 g Wham-O
The original from Wham-O
Djubi refills
Need a refill? No problem.
ChuckPuck - Sunsport Mini Disc Blue
Tiny disc with huge flight capacity
ChuckPuck - Sunsport Mini Disc Orange
Tiny disc with huge flight capacity
Frisbee Coaster 33 cm Wham-O
Long throws and less wind sensitive
Frisbee All Sport 140 g Wham-O
Throw your worries away!
Frisbee Mutant 155 g Wham-O
Extra bra grepp
Djubi SlingBall Freestyle
A mid-sized Djubi game of catch
Djubi ParaShoot
High-flying parachute fun
Frisbee Ultimate 175 g Wham-O
Competition approved
Frisbee Heavy 200 g Wham-O
Djubi SpringShot
The classic knock ’em down game with a new twist!
Diabolo Punainen
Tee tyylikkäimpiä temppuja Diabolon kanssa!
SlingBall Splash
SlingBall + Water = FUN!
Frisbee Lightshow 200 g Wham-O
Frisbee with light effect
Waboba Voli & Flyer Natural
Fits like a glove. Hits like a racket!
Waboba Cracket with Moon Ball
Hit it to the Moon!
Bex Beach Racket Set
Fun in the sun!
Djubi DartBall
Do you have what it takes?
Slackers NinjaRope Ladder
Climb like a ninja!
Slackers NinjaRope
Robust and durable climbing rope with four plastic climbing handles!
Giant Tower
A classic in large format, perfect for the garden!
Slackers Slackline Classic Set - 15m
Turn your garden into a playground!