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Shadowrun offers an exciting mix of Science-Fantasy. In the not-too-distant future, the mythological has returned; ancient dragons encounter futuristic cyber technology, Elvish sorcerers perform rituals among the skyscrapers, while orcs connect to the Matrix.

In true cyberpunk spirit, Shadowrun's world is ruled by Mega Corporations that are so powerful that they have their own armies and are outside the law. When situations arise that these corrupt companies want no part in, they hire Shadowrunners to solve the problems.

Shadowrun first saw the light of day in 1989, when it was released by FASA Corporation. The game is now in its sixth edition, also known as Sixth World, and is released by Catalyst Game Labs.
Shadowrun RPG: Mobile Grimoire Spell Cards
Magic in the Sixth World is not about complex incantations, detailed hand movements, and long scro...
Shadowrun RPG: Dice & Edge Tokens
Tossing a handful of dice to out-maneuver or out-gun your opponent always brings a rush.
Shadowrun RPG: Power Plays
Updates on the Big Ten megacorporations of the Sixth World, as well as news on a few other corps.
Shadowrun RPG: Collapsing Now
Some are careful, others are chaotic. Some are new, others old. Some are ruthlessly calculating an...
Shadowrun RPG: Cutting Black
A new edition of Shadowrun requires new stories, and Cutting Black launches Shadowrun, Sixth World...
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Shadowrun RPG: Sixth World - Beginner Box
Shadows darken and deepen
Shadowrun RPG: Street Wyrd
The power to shape the world can also tear it apart.
Shadowrun RPG: Gun Rack
The Colt Secret Agent. The Ultimax 71. The Izom Artemis.
Shadowrun RPG: Slip Streams
Nothing is real. Everything is real.
Shadowrun RPG: Assassin's Night
Building on the structure of 30 Nights, Assassins Night is a campaign book for Shadowrun